The display can be used in different verticals like: Automotive (Cluster, back drive and outside mirror display system), Aviation, Defense, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, Medical and Digital Signage.

Sample use case

TV set, monitors & laptops

Gaming monitor

Healthcare monitorsa

Automotive displays & mirrors

Aerospace and aviation

Video conference systems

Control center (drones, surveillance, etc.)

Design & engineering


Digital signage


Automotive use case

psHolix technology on an automotive display

psHolx technology is the only visually correct replacement of a rear-view mirror

Multiple viewers from any distance

Highest sharpness

No transition zones


No accommodation conflict

Can be used for rear view mirrors or outside mirrors

Demo includes a stereoscopic camera system* 

Software and hardware solution

Can also be used to upgrade the UX in the dashboard or cluster

*Stereoscopic camera system 

Please contact us for a free demo

You will be surprised about the possibilities

psHolix invented and patented the pseudo-holography display technology. Utilizing this technology, people can awatch real 3D without glasses and can simultaneously watch their 2D content on the same device.

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